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Pisa is a beautiful city located in the Italy’s Tuscany region. The city is best known for its monuments, especially the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’. In order to explore all its beautiful monuments and the surrounding attractions, you need to have a cheap car rental by your side. We work in collaboration with the leading national and international car suppliers, to offer our customers the best car rental deals at lowest possible prices.

Working in association with the best car suppliers, we maintain a vast network of rental locations throughout the city of Pisa. Having said that, you are not bound to return your car to the same place you picked it up. Furthermore, all our associated suppliers offer a couple of inclusions with each and every Pisa car rental they offer. These inclusions are included in our quoted rental prices, so you need not pay any extra/hidden charges. Pre-book your Pisa car rental with us and take advantage of several additional benefits and discounts.

Introducing Pisa

Located in the Italy’s Tuscany region- Pisa is widely renowned for its leaning tower- an architectural project gone terribly wrong. But there’s definitely more to the city than the world-famous leaning tower of Pisa. Having said that, the city is home to Italy’s elite universities, and students from all over the nation compete for having seats in them. Thanks to the amazing student scene, the town center features an eclectic vibrant cafe and bar scene, balancing the attractive portfolio of magnificent Romanesque buildings, Gothic churches, and Renaissance piazzas. Note that, the attractions in and around Pisa aren’t as abundant as that of Florence, to which it is inevitably compared, but there’s a special charm that you’ll definitely not discover anywhere else in Italy!

What To See In Pisa?

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is inevitably Pisa’s best attraction and the world’s most popular tower. The tower construction began in the year of 1173, but even before the third story was built, it began to sink alarmingly on its south side and as a result, the construction was halted. It was nearly after 100 years, the construction resumed. Besides the regular tilt, you might also notice a curve in the tower’s height, resulting from a number of attempts made by various architects to correct the tilt during the tower’s construction.


The Baptistery stands on the west side of the cathedral and features the same design as of the cathedral, by using the same building material. Its construction began in 1153, but the work continued for over two centuries. The main highlights of the Baptistery include the free-standing ‘marble pulpit’- a 1260 masterpiece by Nicola Pisano, ‘the font’ by Guido da Coma and the ‘saint figures’ by Giovanni Pisano.

Museo Nazionale (National Museum)

Housed within the former Benedictine Convent of San Matteo, the Pisa’s National Museum showcases sculptures and pictures of the Tuscan schools from the 12th to the 15th centuries. Amongst all the magnificent paintings and sculptures featured at the museum, the sculptures from various Pisan churches and statues by Giovanni Pisano from the Baptistery catches a user’s sight. Besides them, you’ll discover paintings depicting religious subjects, a number of illuminated books as well as manuscripts.

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We are proud to work with Italy's leading car rental brands. We have a reliable network of suppliers which includes domestic as well as international companies. Below, we have listed a few of the most popular car hire brands that we work with.

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