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Book the cheapest car rental deals in Bologna with us at Car Rental Milan Airport. We work with some of the industry’s top-notch names like Alamo and Europcar. They offer a great fleet of cars, covering almost all leading brands and all car types at a different price range. Our suppliers offer numerous drop-off locations and a variety of add-ons such as child seats, GPS etc. Pre-booking a rental car for Bologna is the best thing to do if you want to grab a fair deal. This is so because when compared to advance booking, the prices while booking at a short notice, are usually higher.

You can call us or get in touch with us via live chat to cancel your booking or make amendments for the drop off location or duration. Book your Bologna car rental in advance and move around the city at a comfortable pace.

About Bologna

Bologna is one of the best-kept secrets of Italy, and rightfully so, unpretentiousness still rings true in its makeup and makes it one of the best destination in Northern Italy. Rich in culture and cuisine, the city’s leaning towers and historic outlook make one fall in love with it instantly.

Points of Interest in Bologna

Palazzo Comunale

Also known as Palazzo del Popolo, Palazzo Comunale – situated at the heart of the medieval town, on the Piazza del Duomo – has been in existence since the 13th century when it emerged as the civic body – the seat of the government, the function that it still serves to this day. The building noted for its characteristic arched windows is said to have been built – over the ruins of a former building – between 1289 and 1298 and was further expanded in the 14th century. The building, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, is most noted for its collection of unique frescoes done by great artists like Memmo di Filippuccio and Lippo Memmi; the building also has a museum which contains the works by Florentine, and famous paintings by Filippino Lippi and Pinturicchio.

Palazzo Re Enzo

Located in Bologna – one of the marvels of Southern Italy - Palazzo Re Enzo is a palace built in 1244 as an extension of the Palazzo del Podestà – a nearby civic building – which later became the residence of King Enzo of Sardinia. The building derives its name after the King Frederick II’s son, who was captured in the battle of Fossalta and was kept here as a prisoner from 1249 till his death in 1272. The chapel in the courtyard of this building was also used for performing the last rites of the common criminals before their executions which were used to be carried out in Piazza Maggiore. As such there is not much to see except for the touch of the history that it still retains; the place still houses government offices.

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We are proud to work with Italy's leading car rental brands. We have a reliable network of suppliers which includes domestic as well as international companies. Below, we have listed a few of the most popular car hire brands that we work with.

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