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Brindisi - A Brief Overview

Located on the coasts of Adriatic Sea, the port city of Brindisi has been called the ‘the gateway to the East’ ever since it became one of the most important ports in the ancient times. First acknowledged by the Roman troops, and then by the merchants from Venice, today it is one of the most loved destinations in Italy.

Tourist Attractions in Brindisi

Palazzo Granafei-Nervegna

This 16th-century palace, now a museum, was named after the two families who owned it. It is of great historical importance because it houses an ornate capitol that used to stand on the top of a column, which marked the end of an ancient roman road – Appian Way.

Brindisi Cathedral

Built in the 11th century, the Brindisi Cathedral underwent a major reconstruction after a devastating earthquake in 1743. Totally remodeled, the nearby Porta dei Cavalieri Templari – remains of a medieval Knights Templar church – is the only point of reference if you want to envisage how the actual Romanesque structure would have looked like in its heydays.

Museo Archeologico Provinciale Ribezzo

This breathtaking museum is most noted for its well-documented collection, which braces all the three floors of it. Roman statues, underwater archeological findings, terracotta figurines, about 3,000 bronze sculptures and fragments dating back to Hellenistic period, Museo Archeologico Provinciale Ribezzo’ collection is of great historical importance.

Roman Column in Brindisi

This towering white column is being stated as the unofficial symbol of Brindisi. This tower stands above the stairs that lead to the waterfront, which marks the terminus of Via Appia - an ancient Roman road. Originally there were two twin towers, out of which only one remains; the other one fell in 1528, only its base remains. The fallen part of the tower was gifted to the city of Lecce, where it was used to form a part of the column at St. Oronzo.

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